SyMAP - A Software Package to Compute, Display, and Analyze Synteny Between Multiple Genomes with Application to Rosaceae and Poaceae, USDA NRI 0214643 for $319,000 (08/15/08-08-14/11) PI


Community Annotation Database for Magnaporthe grisea and its Interactions with Rice, NSF-MGS 0627159 for $522,458 (sub-contracts to Orbach (UA) and Valent (KSU)) (12/01/06-11/30/09) PI


Techniques for Efficient Finishing and Physical Linkage of Gene-Enriched Shotgun Sequences, NSF 0321724 for $925,712 (subcontracts to UA, Purdue, UGA) (10/01/03-9/30/07) PI


Minimal Tiling Path Algorithms and New Contig Display for FPC. NSF 0213764 for $319,028 (09/01/02-08/31/06). PI


Web Resource for the Computation and Display of Physical Mapping Data. USDA-IFAFS 2001-52100-11292 for $207,901 (09/02/01-08/31/05) PI


Co-PI or collaborator


Rhizomics-Comparative Functional Genomic and Proteomic Analysis of Rhizome Specificity Across the Plant Kingdom, NSF IOS-1044821for $765,922 (09/01/08-08/31/12) PI Gang (UA), co-PI


Engineering Specialized Metabolism in a Single Cell Type, DOE DE-SC0001728 for $121,513 (7/01/09-06/30/12) PI Gang (UA), co-PI


Kartchner Caverns: Habitat Scale Community Structure and Function in Carbonate Caves, NSF for $78,124 (10/01/06-09/30/11) PI R Maier (UA), collaborator


The citrus psyllid transcriptome and time course differential gene expression in Ca. Liberibacter-infected/free whole psyllids and organs, Citrus Advanced Technology Program for $103,148, (6/09-6/12) PI Brown (UA), collaborator


Localization of Secreted Proteins During Penetration and Invasive Growth of the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae, USDA 2008-35600-18809 for $62,911 (10/01/06-09/30/11) PI: Farman (U. Kentucky), co-PI


Maize Full-length cDNA Project, NSF 0501857 for $493,177 (05/01/05-04/30/09) PI Y Yu (UA), co-PI


Building and operating a chemical factory: The Glandular Trichomes of Solanum Species, NSF 0604336 for $99,147 (06/01/06-05/31/09) PI R Last (U. Mich), collaborator.


Host control of coccidioidomycosis, NIH for $28,044 (06/15/04-05/31/09). PI Galgiani (UA), collaborator


Oryza Map Alignment Project, NSF 0321678 for $166,221 (10/01/03-09/30/07) PI Wing, co-PI.


Finishing the Rice Genome, NSF/USDA for $244,268 (10/01/03-9/30/2006) PI R McCombie (CSHL), co-PI


Sequencing of the Maize Genome. NSF for $229,089 (10/01/02-09/30/05) PI J. Messing (Rutgers). co-PI


Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Cotton. NSF for $55,911 (10/01/02–09/30/07). PI J. Wendel (Iowa State U), collaborator


Grass Genome Biodiversity: Application of genomics tools from Sorghum and related grasses to identify and analyze variation in structure and function of C4 grass genomes. NSF Plant Genome for $375,044 (10/01/01-9/30/05) PI A. Paterson (University of Georgia - Athens), co-PI.


Whole genome analysis of pathogen-based recognition and subsequent responses in the rice blast patho-system. NSF Plant Genome for $581,853 (09/01/01-08/31/05) PI R. Dean (North Carolina State University), co-PI


The green plant BAC library project – public resources for studying evolution, physiology and development. NSF for $263,028 (9/01/01-07/31/05) PI Mandoli (University of Washington), co-PI.


BAC library Production and Distribution for Healthy People. NIH for $322,558 (12/01/01-11/30/04) PI Wing (UA), co-PI.


An Integrated Physical and Expression Map of Barley for Triticeae Improvement. USDA-IFAFS (09/01/01-08/31/03). PI: A.Kleinhofs (Washington State University), co-PI.


Sequencing of Rice Chromosomes 3 and 10. NSF/USDA/DOE (09/99-9/02). PI R.Wing, co-PI.


Comprehensive genetic, physical, and database resources for maize. NSF DBI/USDA/DOE (09/99-9/02). Maize Mapping Project: PI: E.Coe (University of Missouri-Columbia), co-PI.


Identification of genes in anonymous DNA sequences. DOE (02/01/90 - 01/31/92). PI: C. Fields (NMSU), co-PI.